Where it all started

Our History makes us different; we were founded in 1961 through the desire to fulfil a need in the industry. When David Steele & Norman Dixon, both Retail Motor Industry Executives, launched Steele Dixon as “The Motor Trade Employment People”, a radical and unique concept at the time, Steele-Dixon became the first agency to specialise in automotive recruitment.

Steele-Dixon placed their first candidate in Africa in 1968 and in 1973 their first in the Middle East. Overseas recruitment now makes up 50% of Steele-Dixons business.

Steele-Dixon Associates was launched in 1985 to handle Confidential Senior, Executive and Head Hunting assignments. During the recession of the early 90’s there was a need for managers on short term contracts to help clients through the difficult times, thus Steele Dixon Interim Management was launched. Steele-Dixon Accounting was established in 1995 to work exclusively in the financial sector.

Many of the industry's leading recruiters trained or worked with Steele-Dixon, and our agency has been at the forefront of developing best practice for recruitment in the automotive sector.

Martin Steele joined his Father in 1970 and remained as MD until 2012 when his son Ed took over. Martin is still very much involved and will continue to be so, as one of the company’s greatest assets.

The identical need that begun Steele-Dixon, is still in place today, the market has changed and technology has influenced every aspect of the process however, the core of recruitment remains the same. Our clients need the best candidates and our candidates need the best jobs. Our aim has always been to create long term partnerships and to add real value to the recruitment process, through our commitment and expert knowledge.

But surely that’s what everyone says…..?

Of course, but here is a few things that stop us from being just another recruitment company;

  • Our founders have left a lasting legacy that sets us apart from any other agency.
  • We are ambitious and believe whole heartedly that our relationship driven approach will prove more successful over time than a numbers driven standard recruitment model.
  • We want to have fun in the process. Shifting CVs around is not fun. Building relationships with our candidates and clients, something we only achieve by being genuine, honest people, is what really motivates us.

Where we are today

Now managed by the third generation of the Steele family, the agency is perfectly placed to assist both client & candidate in the ever changing world of modern recruitment. The lessons learnt from over half a century of recruitment in the sector have been passed down through the generations, allowing us to give a unique insight into your career or the requirements of your business. Our team of dedicated professionals cover the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Australasia, Africa and the Caribbean. Our UK head office in Oxfordshire is supported by three regional offices in Glasgow, Staffordshire and Norfolk.