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Why Work With Steele-Dixon?

Trust, Respect & Mutual Understanding

There’s something about the solidity of a sixty year old recruitment company that provides the reassurance we’ll know exactly how to find the right people. We’ve been trusted over the years by hundreds of automotive businesses because we understand how they work and the people they are looking for.

Close Partnerships

You want a high calibre candidate who can add value to your business. We bring exactly the right candidate to you because we take the time to understand your business and your needs, building close partnerships that can last a lifetime.

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60 Years of Steele-Dixon

Steele-Dixon has been dedicated to automotive recruitment since 1961. Our experience, knowledge and network is unrivalled, creating rewarding partnerships for every client and every candidate. Below is a brief history time line, including some historical images, of our story to date….


  • Jaguar E-Type launched
  • First self-serve petrol station opened
  • 50mph speed limit introduced
  • Millionth Mini produced
  • Breathalyzers first introduced


Steele-Dixon founded by David Steele and Norman Dixon; “the Motor Trade Employment People”. First ever job advert.


  • Range Rover launched
  • Lamborghini Countach launched
  • VW Beetle most imported car
  • Fuel prices rise and hit the new car sales market hard
  • 48% of households do not have a car


Martin Steele joins his father’s business.


Best year to date owing to the ongoing Esso contracts and the first electric typewriter and photocopier bought for the office!


Overseas dept. now well established but Arab Israeli war brings business to a halt and key clients disappear. Sudden demand for used car disposal experts to clear unwanted stock. First vacancy in East Africa.


Employed a new secretary on £50/week which seemed extravagant at the time! By 1979 there were 3 – good times. Typical General Manager earning £11,500 per year.


  • Metro and Lada popular models
  • People carriers first introduced
  • Seatbelts compulsory in front of cars
  • CD players first available in cars
  • Turbo becomes a buzzword & sunroofs introduced


First computer ‘Apricot’ purchased. Headhunting dept. started by Martin Steele and Roger Wainheapy. Up to 100 jobs per month coming in – very busy times.


25th Anniversary Dinner at House of Commons hosted by Micheal Heseltine, local MP.


Ed’s first day at work with his father, as illustrated by Ed himself, at the age of 7.


Record turnover and profit. David Steele steps down.


  • Supercar features become popular
  • Move towards environmentally friendly vehicles
  • First push-button start introduced by Mercedes-Benz
  • GM launched first fully electric car
  • Seatbelts compulsory for passengers
  • Speed cameras appear across the UK


Economic downturn – a client in Kuwait had to suddenly end a call with us due to artillery shells falling when Iraq invaded!


Interim Management dept. starts up.


Surge in employment everywhere, first placement in China, new hires made again.


  • First new Mini sold
  • Austin Rover closes
  • Satnav now a standard feature in new cars
  • In-vehicle Bluetooth launches
  • London congestion charge introduced
  • Prescott Hillclimb event sponsored


Neil Timms joins


Company headcount reaches its peak


Ed Steele joins as the 3rd generation of the Steele family.


Keri Steele joins the family business.


Martin Steele retires from the business started by his father.


Steele-Dixon guest speaker and sponsor AM Live for three consecutive years.


60th anniversary of “the Motor Trade Employment People”, Steele-Dixon.

Keri Steele working on her computer

The Recruitment Process

Discover 60 Years of Recruitment Expertise
We have a realistic conversation about your needs
Start matching you with talent or roles

Meet the Team

Ed Steele

Ed Steele


  • Much like my Father I joined Steele-Dixon to help out and never looked back. I’m very proud to be part of the ever changing story in a business I love. I now specialise in finance roles, but I have covered almost every aspect of the industry. I enjoy getting to know the people I am working with, that’s what makes recruitment so fulfilling.
Keri Steele

Keri Steele


  • After 15 years in recruitment within the advertising industry I joined Steele-Dixon in 2013. I manage all of our overseas clients and contacts. It’s an honour to be a part of a business set up by my grandfather and father. Every day I strive to continue their commitment to our family business.
Neil Timms

Neil Timms


  • I’ve been with Steele-Dixon since 2002 following 15 years in dealership and group positions. I cover a wide range of roles but focus particularly on senior roles covering the UK, Channel Islands and Isle Of Man. I enjoy being part of a close knit team of specialists, and a company with a unique 60 year history.
Martin Steele

Martin Steele


  • I joined my father David at Steele-Dixon in the early 1970’s and was Managing Director for 20 years. I’m now Chairman supporting the team and still working on specific confidential briefs. As one of the most experienced recruiters in the Automotive Industry, it’s a pleasure to still be involved in the running of Steele-Dixon.
Ed and the team are the “go to” people in the motor retail sector for finance professionals. Their intimate knowledge of the market and the individuals within it is second to none.
Paul Daly Partner UHY Hacker Young Manchester LLP

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