Aftersales Survey

Steele-Dixon April 2019 Aftersales Survey


We recently conducted a survey of aftersales professionals we’ve placed over the past few years. The response was overwhelming and we wanted to share some of our findings here.


Among other questions asked we wanted to find out whether people had received salary increases and or promotions and we are pleased to report that over 80% of those who responded have gained a pay rise. 67% of people had received promotions, meaning salary increases don’t depend on a promotion or role change.





Of particular interest to us was how people felt about the future of our industry, especially in light of the constant gloomy outlook reported in the press. An encouraging 93% of people told us they were optimistic about the future and their career within the automotive industry; a very cheering statistic on a rather damp, grey Monday afternoon!



Job Satisfaction

Finally, and this is a more indulgent last point but it’s great to hear that 86% of those who replied were or still are happy in the role we put them into; we’re not perfect and there’s always room for improvement but we were thrilled to receive such positive feedback.

Thank you to all those who contributed, we will be doing more of this in other sectors over the coming months.

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