Resilience and well-being in the workplace

Wellness=healthy workforce=increased productivity

Wellness in the workplace is becoming a priority for employers and business owners.  Looking after your team’s health and well-being has a direct impact on productivity and success.  Our MD’s wife is a fully qualified nutritionist and we wanted to share her blog below.  To find out how she can help you and your business, please find contact details below.

The new decade has begun & is in full swing. I’m not going to talk about your health goals or what you want to achieve in 2020 because they only really stick if you change your thinking around old habits.
If you are feeling stressed in the work place, find you are overwhelmed & under undue pressure. You might not be able to change the situation but I can help you build your resilience to stress.
Diet & lifestyle play a huge part in this. Making sure you are not running on adrenaline; caffeine, nicotine, sugar and empty carbohydrates which stress your body.

It is about making food choices that keep you strong, which are packed full of nutrients & energy dense. Include good quality protein for lunches & snacks; nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, lean meats, beans, lentils. Eat a rainbow of coloured fruit & veg. Choose lunches that keep you sustained without energy dips – lentil/bean soups, wraps packed full of protein & veg, dhals & salads.

Getting outside for a walk, taking a mindful 10 min lunch or meeting up with a colleague to off load are all useful tactics. It is also important to examine the thoughts that accompany the stress, ie. “i can’t cope, this is all too much, or its all too difficult”, just notice what you are saying to yourself.

Other things that might be helpful to calm down the mind are;
• A relaxing bath at the end of the day with magnesium bath salts – magnesium is a calming & relaxing mineral
• a calm sleep environment with no phones
• a SAD lamp helps in the winter, use in the morning
• reduce caffeine & alcohol
• calming herbal teas
• meditation before bed
• exercise
• more time for you
• yoga
• essential oils
• lastly walking in nature

If you would like to discuss how you can invest in your teams’ well-being please get in touch 

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