Tips on interview preparation for candidates

Here you’ll find links to the best advice already out there and some of our own top tips to ensure you are as prepared for your interview as possible.

Preparation is everything

Most important of all is to be prepared and do your research, Forbes has a brilliant top 10 list of essentials to do before the interview:

Always Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the interviewer; you’re there to tell them about you and find out about your prospective new company, job and colleagues.  See Glassdoor’s suggestions below:

Dress to impress

Don’t stress about your outfit but do remember minds can be made up within seconds of your walking into the room, we like Reed’s advice on how to approach what to wear:

Social Media

In the world of social media and Linkedin profiles make sure you are presenting yourself consistently and appropriately across all the platforms you are on.  Make sure all your CVs/on line profiles correspond with one another.

For more info check out

Fact finding

Do your research on the company and who you are meeting, check out Glassdoor and see if they have any reviews on there or Google. You’d expect them to check you out on line so go and look at their pages too; both the company and the individuals you will be meeting or working with/for (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc).

What to take

Take copies of your CV, a notebook and pens, any relevant case studies/projects you can leave behind and always have a few prepared questions.  Make sure you know exactly where you are going and leave enough time to park/find the right building etc.

To Sum Up

The better prepared you are, the better you will perform in your interview.  If you are confident you’ve done your research, are presenting yourself in the best possible light and have a two way conversation with your interviewer you‘ll know you’ve done the best you can.  There’s a wealth of information on line giving advice on everything from how to answer the strangest interview questions, to how best to leave an interview.  There really is no excuse for not being ready and organised.

More good advice here

The team at Steele-Dixon are hugely experienced in preparing candidates for interview; your consultant will work with you throughout the process; making sure you have all the relevant information needed.

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