How Employers can get the best from a Recruiter

We recently got a call from the CFO of a large automotive retail company suggesting we increase our fee significantly. His reason for doing this was to motivate us to do the best by his business.  It’s not often you get a call like that in the recruitment world….happy days!

It got us thinking about what motivates recruiters and how clients can ensure they get the best from their recruitment partners.  Do a quick Google search on ‘getting the best out of your recruiter’ or similar comes back with endless tips and articles for candidates but very little for employers. Why?  It’s the employer that ‘recruits’ the recruiter so surely they need as much guidance as candidates. Believe us, employers can make some pretty catastrophic mistakes!

Here are our top tips on how companies can build positive and successful relationships with recruiters.

36% of the UK workforce is currently seeking new employment; your recruiter should know a significant proportion of job seekers in your industry.

Fees/fair renumeration

You won’t motivate a good recruiter with fees alone but fair payment will go someway towards ensuring they are working at their best and keeping you front of mind.  Timely payment will also go a long way to keeping them on your side.

Communication & Information

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to give a recruiter as much information as possible – you can’t over do this.  They are your brand ambassador, talking to the best people about you.  Give them everything they need to engage top people for you.  Communicate with them at every stage and they will perform better for you.

Understanding the recruitment process

Have a little empathy!  Recruiters are dealing with people and we all know how unpredictable they are.  Don’t expect the best CVs to fall on your desk the day after you give a recruiter the job spec.  Peoples’ lifes are complex and this can disrupt the process – it’s not anyones’ fault so be sympathetic.  Good recruitment takes time. 

Listen & be realistic

Your recruiter has the ear of the best candidates – listen to them and their advice.  They deal with employers and candidates day in, day out.  They know what works and what doesn’t.  They should know their market and the people in it – they know how to secure the right people for you and the good recruiters will only ever give sound advice – remember they are working for you.

Prompt and meaningful feedback

This is so important!  Don’t leave candidates hanging after an interview – they will loose interest and eventually so will the recruiter.  The more feedback you give, the better the result.

Testimonials/on line reviews and recommendations

Nowadays this is so important so if you’re asked, please take the time to do it.  It will go a long way to ensuring your relationship prospers.

90% of UK employers are looking to recruit in 2022; competition for the best people is high; partnering with a good recruiter will help you find them.

At Steele-Dixon we’ve experienced some of the best and worst approaches to recruitment in our 61 years.  Building a productive and enjoyable relationship with a recruiter can be hugely rewarding…..if you hit the jackpot and find one you like, make sure you nurture that partnership.  Give us a call on 01235 536440; it could be the start of something great!

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